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Liam Dunachie

Originally from Shropshire, he began his musical training as a treble chorister in Hereford Cathedral Choir and later studied music at Trinity College, Cambridge where he was a choral scholar in...


Aaron Diaz

Trumpet player with Jonny Hunter Quartet. He also plays with - TheFairRain, TheDestroyers, Glowrogues, BostinBrass, YoungPilgrims and beyond!

Abrar Hafiz

Bass player working with Arun Ghosh.

Adam Fairhall

Adam’s distinctive piano playing has been noted for the diversity of its stylistic reference points; idioms drawn from any period of jazz history may be blended, collided, subverted, hinted at or...


Adam King

Bassist Adam King's success in the 2015 annual Musicians' Company Young Jazz Musician Award revealed one of the most promising jazz artists of his generation. His 'winner's gig' on 5th June featur...

Alan Barnes

“Barnes, plays music that was radical 50 years ago - hard, urban post-bop - but he infuses it with so much passion and energy you could believe it was minted on the spot, which is always part of...


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