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Dudley Phillips

Playing both double and electric bass, Dudley Phillips is a creative musician and composer based in London.  Working in the fields of contemporary songwriting, jazz and folk/world music, he plays and records with artists from all over the world, both in the UK and abroad, including Canada, Kenya, Japan, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Norway and the USA in addition to the United Kingdom.  Amongst the many he has toured and recorded with are Robert Wyatt, Bill Withers, Mark Knopfler, June Tabor, Cedar Walton, Marc Almond, John Harle, Tim Robbins and Amy Winehouse. He has contributed to a large body of recorded work, from albums on the legendary Blue Note label to EMI classics, working with many major [and minor!] record labels along the way.  Self-taught, he went on to win a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music. He has one album of his own 'Life Without Trousers', and has written album tracks for several artists working internationally including Monica Vasconcelos, The Orlando Consort, Perfect Houseplants and Filomena Campus. Dudley has toured with a huge range of Artists and performed in most areas of the world. He's also played on many film and TV scores, as well as jingles, and is a visiting performing arts lecturer at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Guildhall School of Music, and Middx University, London. 

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