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Roger Inniss

When Roger was a little boy he often dreamt of becoming an aircraft pilot, motor racing driver or painter like Salvador Dali. As he grew older he became aware of how these dreams influenced his life. As a musician Roger enjoys the freedom to fly like the pilot, he loves the attention to detail and teamwork of a motor racing driver and enjoys the surrealism of life and music like Dali. Around the age of nine Roger was sent to church on Sundays (to give his mum some “peace and quiet”). After a few years he started playing guitar (to help prevent boredom!). Accompanying gospel singers at church was a great education in versatility, unpredictability and improvisation as people would often just start singing and the musicians were expected to follow them wherever they went. Roger now enjoys recording, gigging and touring all over Europe, and different parts of the world. Over the years he’s worked with: The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Alan Barnes, Art Themen, Mari Wilson, Guy Barker, Harry Becket, Jim Mullen, Pete King, Climax Blues Band, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Snowy White (Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd), Chaka Khan, Ruby Turner, and Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate).

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