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Mike Sole

Mike is a pianist, composer and improviser, based in Leicester but working throughout the UK and Europe. “Mike Sole’s inventive melodic style and dexterity dazzles; an astonishing cornucopia of sound for those who have the pleasure of hearing him. From fiery zeal to delicate interplay, his performances captivate audiences, encapsulating charm, wit and passion. At the heart of Mike’s music is a dedication to adventurous improvisation and to mastering his remarkable technique. Although uncomfortable with being described as ‘prodigious’ and ‘virtuoso’, one can always sense his commitment to honing his natural abilities and challenging not only the boundaries of his fans and fellow musicians, but also his own. And where Mike Sole’s musical boundaries lie, one can only imagine.†– Mellow Baku, Vocalist/Artist.

Leicester Jazz House East Midlands JAZZ